HIGH SCHOOL YAC and JR HIGH YAC meets every Wednesday night at 7pm and Sunday mornings at 11am for worship, shenanigans and hard-hitting times in the Word. We have retreats, mission trips, movie nights, local music shows…blah, blah, blah…you get it, lots of great stuff.







YAC has been called “The most awesome youth group on the planet” and “My favorite place to go” and “Even better than Disneyland”. Well, some people have problems keeping things in perspective. But regardless, it’s a the greatest High School Fellowship that Calvary Fellowship has.

Pastor Craig, along with an army of dedicated youth leaders, heads up our High School Ministry, “YAC”. They meet at 11am during second service on Sunday mornings, and 7pm on Wednesday evenings, in the YAC Room.


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Jr High is the best place for students (they said so). Our Jr High youth group is an experience like no other, designed specifically to help our students connect with (most importantly) Jesus, and then each other. Jr High is a community of 6th-8th graders that gather weekly to hear the gospel, play ridiculously messy and hilarious games, and be taught by leaders who are committed to their growth.

Stevie and Chelsea Ekkelkamp run the Jr High YAC with an armada of amazing leaders.  They love the Lord, and love students.  Jr High Yac meets by the Post Office adjacent to the Calvary Fellowship’s Sanctuary building.

Jr High meets every Wednesday at 7pm & Sundays at 11am. As well as multiple small groups that meet during the week, retreats, dessert theaters, and tons of other events. Come hang out with us, what are you waiting for!? You are welcome here! Check Facebook, and Instagram for events and excitement.


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