In a world of increasing change and ever-present technology, where can we find peace? With so much going on all around us, much of it good and much of it bad, where can we find direction; where can we make sense of it all? We’re aching for spiritual renewal. We believe the Spirit of God also aches to bring renewal to our world, and that he does this through his people. That’s where God’s people find their purpose: To seek renewal in the way of Jesus.

The year 1977 saw the beginning of Star Wars, The Seattle Mariners, Apple Computers, and Calvary Fellowship. That year founding pastor Wayne Taylor started a Sunday service with a handful of people. Through steady, stimulating Bible teaching and bold evangelistic outreach, the church grew to 1,500 people per week throughout the 80s and 90s. Since then, Calvary Fellowship has birthed over 20 churches locally and 40 globally.

In 2018, Pastor Wayne transitioned the role of Lead Pastor of Calvary Fellowship to his son Riley Taylor. Under his leadership, Calvary Fellowship continues its faithful presence of gospel-centered ministry, cultural renewal, evangelistic outreach, and raising up leaders.


GOSPEL - The gospel is the “good news” of what Jesus has done to redeem mankind and renew the world. We believe that the way of Jesus is good news for all people.

WORSHIP - Worship means to “give worth” to something or someone. It is the design and destiny of all God’s creation: To live all of life aligned with the glory of God.

COMMUNITY - We all crave a place to belong. God’s plan for renewal involves making a new community who love God and care for others. As followers of Jesus, we practice what it means to “love as he first loved us.”

MISSION - Our mission as followers of Jesus is to seek renewal in the way of Jesus. That means we tell people about the gospel, invite people to take part in God’s kingdom, and serve our communities in practical ways that truly bless others.