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The Gospel of John is a biography written by John, the “Apostle of Love”. Its opening chapter is among the most famous passages in Scripture, and the book as a whole offers an unrivaled perspective on the man, Jesus Christ.

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Princess Ball

Princess Ball

The father-daughter event of the year! $20, click for tickets!

Men's Conference 2016

Men's Conference 2016

Men of the Father & Son

Saturday | January 23rd | 9am-4pm  | Tickets available at the door

Thi'sl Live with Barnabas

Live Hip Hop Concert: Thi'sl

Live in concert: Thi’sl

Saturday January 23 / 7p / $5

in the YAC Room

Steak and Magic

Steak and Magic!

All-church potluck steak dinner, featuring illusionist Jeff Martin

Wednesday Feb. 17 / 6pm

Kids at Calvary

Kids Ministry is every Sunday morning and Wednesday evening. It is our purpose that each child will KNOW Jesus, GROW in faith, and GO reach others for him.

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Home Groups

Home Groups are small groups of disciples throughout the region seeking Jesus, discussing the sermon, and praying together.

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